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What is the secret to travelling long term? How do I travel so much and so often? Am I rich? Do I have a trust fund? Are all my trips paid for by someone else?  What is my secret? DESIRE That’s it. No secret trust fund. No illegal activity. I just focus on making it happen. After […]

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Get Inspired To Travel

As I wrote my list, I realized that many of these lessons were actually common sense — and yet, if my past experiences are any indication, these common-sense lessons are exactly the ones that are easy to neglect and that we often need to be reminded of.

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Save Money Before You Go

A lot of eminent historians and archaeologists insist that Plato invented Atlantis completely, but the explanation that the most important philosopher of all time would just make up this elaborate story about a sunken city and stick it at the beginning of what may have been his most ambitious work strikes me, at the very least, as a little weird. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, lacus eu erat...

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On a mission to travel the world

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