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About Me

Aakash Malhotra (Wander With Sky)

Aakash Malhotra (born 19 July 1992), is an entrepreneur, travel blogger, and a famous Instagram & Youtube personality based out of New Delhi, India. He is known by the name “Sky” and for his blog “WanderWithSkySky has travelled across 35 countries in 4 years and is on a mission to travel the world.

Early Life & Education

Aakash Malhotra, is a mountain boy, comes from a small town called Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India. Malhotra was born in an Indian Army Family, lived a fast-paced life, raised in military communities. As a result, he did his schooling across the country in various Army Schools. At a very early age, due to his father’s postings and promotion, he travelled across India along with his family. Innately always has been a nomad, and has been in extremely challenging environments in the remotest and underdeveloped locations of India. He did his graduation in computer science engineering from Amity University, Manesar, Haryana.

Travel And Career

During University, Aakash was a part of AIESEC, the world’s largest youth-run organizations that promoted leadership via cultural exchanges, internships, and travel experiences. After graduating from university in 2014, Aakash began to travel. He initially pursued travel photography as a passion and worked in Silchar, Assam. Here, he spent a month to capture lives of tea estate workers in one of India’s largest Organic Tea Plantation. This project was a not-for-profit assignment by Honest Tea, A Coca Cola Company. While continuing his passion for photography, Malhotra started working as a sales representative at Radio Station, in Gurgaon. In less than 3 months, dissatisfied with work at the office, Malhotra left his job and sought to make a living while travelling full-time. This is when he discovered his love for travelling with Swiss Made Challenge 4.

Winner NDTV Goodtimes Swiss Made Challenge – Season 4

Malhotra was the winner of NDTV Swiss Made Challenge 4. His passion for travelling was discovered with this travel show “Swiss Made Challenge“. Aakash Malhotra (Sky) mapped the landscapes of Switzerland covering 1500Kms in 15 Days going across, along with 6 chosen contestants from all over India.

Sky, A Travelpreneur

After returning from Switzerland, Aakash explored his career in digital marketing and growth hacking, working as a digital marketer with a marketing agency in New Delhi, Aakash was able to save enough funds for his next travel. After a year and a half in a job set-up, Malhotra moved on to start his own blog titled “Wander With Sky” to document his travel and inspire his followers. In 2017, Aakash founded his own digital marketing firm, Digato, which funded his dreams and also helped him in continuing to support his family financially. By 2018, Aakash Malhotra under WanderWithSky travelled to 33 countries in 3 years. Aakash based himself in New Delhi, while he travelled every quarter to a new location for a stretched period experiencing each destination like a local and as an adventurer. Digato has shown exponential growth over a period of 2 years, is awarded as one of the “10 most promising digital marketing consulting firms in India 2019” by Consultants Review.

Wander With Sky, A Community

For Aakash Travelling is a way of life, he was featured on Scroll.in as one of the leading bloggers sharing his experience WanderWithSky community is close to 90,000 followers strong on Instagram (@wanderwithsky) and close to 100,000 views on WanderWithSky Youtube Channel. The community focuses on inspiring and informing its audiences with its content and products. In 2019, while Aakash is on his 35th country, he has extended a retail division in his venture under “WanderWithSky Store“, where he sells products that he are inspired by his travel experiences, such as the Metal World Map & Metal India Map, travel logs and a lot more. WanderWithSky is India’s first travel bloggers to have his own product line.

 Thanks for visiting this website and I look forward to helping you travel more.


“Wander With” Sky

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On a mission to travel the world

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